Silent Auction ImageAuctionStar® is the only retail software that has used patented bar-coded methods to preswipe credit cards, place bids and checkout guests at auction events since 1996! AuctionStar® provides complete event solutions: event software designed to manage all details of your benefit auction event.  Software features include web based solutions, online auction, online ticket and table registration and online donations. Complimentary services for all clients include event coordination, technical support, training courses, online seminars, and comparative credit card analysis and multi user capability.  We have flat fee products and services. We never take a percentage of your hard earned fundraising dollars. 

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Event Software

AuctionStar® provides specialized software and services for events that include a silent and/or online auction or other “collect-at-the-event” fundraising.

Event Guest Experience - learn how your patrons will be treated to an easy check-in, fun intensified bidding, and a super-fast checkout.

Event Volunteer Experience - find out how the AuctionStar® software enhances and streamlines both event preparation and the post-event process. AuctionStar® makes the event preparation for your organization's development staff and volunteers go more smoothly.

Product Offerings - allows you the flexibility to choose the right mix of software and service options to fit your organization's needs and budget.

AuctionStar® boosts revenue because:

  • Bidding is intensified when guests find the process both fun and easy;
  • Competition among guests is encouraged when bidder names are easily readable;
  • No bidder avoids bidding because the pen at the bid sheet has disappeared;
  • Bid increments cannot be circumvented; no more $1 (or negative!) bid increases;
  • Silent auction tables may be kept open longer (no "staggering" tables to close) due to the fast bid recording and invoicing;
  • Statistical reports help identify key revenue producing characteristics such as big spenders, profitable item types, and more;
  • Your event guests and volunteers have a positive experience and want to participate again next year;

Software Features

  • Easy to use event management software
  • Enables organization to track and manage every event detail for efficient, effective planning and execution
  • Organize item procurement and track bidders, donors, and registration
  • More time to focus on item procurement, volunteer management and donor recruitment
  • Access via the Web or desktop with multi-user capabilities
  • Patented barcode materials allow for quick, accurate final invoicing and event processing
  • Easily creates auction catalogs, bid sheets, detailed receipts, letters and other materials
  • Donor, procurement and related information is stored for future events, making it easier to forecast and plan
  • Positive guest and volunteer experience
  • Guests enjoy using their unique barcode labels and don’t have to look for the pen
  • Staff and volunteers don’t have to guess who wrote the bid
  • Minimize guest wait time
  • Provide professional itemized invoices
  • Event analysis provides tools for fiscal planning and improvements


Online Fundraising

Online Event Registration

Provides your guests the opportunity to purchase their event tickets or table online. Table sponsors have the ability to register all their guests online. Registrants have the peace of mind knowing that AuctionStar Online Payments is easy to use and they can quickly register for an event and securely process their credit card purchases.  Your registrants will get an immediate email registration confirmation.

Online Donations

AuctionStar recognizes how important it is for non-profits to have the ability to securely accept online donations.  AuctionStar provides you the flexibility to customize your online fundraising. Using your Online Registration page, donations and payments can now be customized for a variety of activities.  Some examples can include advertising space, fund-a-need and underwriting.

Online Auctions

Online auctions are a low-cost way to extend your reach to new donors and strengthen relationships with current donors.  Use your website to continue your online fundraising throughout the year.  AuctionStar software provides you with all of the tools to host your online auction.  AuctionStar provides the capability of posting your auction catalog online with the ability to promote your donors' logos, websites and images.   Sponsor advertising space is also available in both the sidebar and main page sections of your online auction home page.  The AuctionStar software can be used to post text and images online.   AuctionStar does not charge commissions on revenues you raise during your online auction. So keep your hard earned fundraising dollars for your cause!  Supplement your revenue with online auction activities during the year.  Offer philanthropic bidders the opportunity to purchase exclusive items while supporting your charities.

Online Pre-Bidding

Non-profits can now host online bidding prior to their live event.  Pre-bidding can help increase the amount of contributions and promote your fundraising event.  Build excitement prior to your actual event with pre-bidding.  One more additional revenue source with this feature is selling website advertising spots in both the sidebar and main page sections of your online auction home page.  The AuctionStar software can be used to post text and images online.   AuctionStar does not charge commissions on revenues you raise during your online auction. So keep your hard earned fundraising dollars for your cause!  An online auction be integrated into your fundraising programs with ease, and even help your in-room live and silent auctions run more smoothly by reducing the logistical work involved on the day of your event.

Online Auction Catalog

Non-profits realize the importance of going green.  AuctionStar provides the capability of posting your auction catalog online with the ability to promote your donor logos, website and images.   Sponsor advertising space is also available in both the sidebar and main page sections of your online auction home page.  The AuctionStar software can be used to post text and images online..

Online Data Entry

Allows software users to enter data (items, donors, and bidders) remotely via the Web.  Give both staff and volunteers the ability to manage and track event data entry, monitor auction inventory and set event goals.

Event Services

You can utilize the event experience and technical skills of our event supervisor to manage all the technical details of your event. Focus your time on visiting with guests and donors while enjoying your event.  The event supervisor will manage your event based on the details covered in your pre event consultation.  

  • Offer pre-event consultation prior to your event
  • Provide phone and email support for event consulting upon request
  • Review Event logistics and schedule prior to your event
  • Technical Supervisor will arrive at your event 90 minutes prior to event registration
  • Set up and test all laptops, scanners and printers
  • Upload any new guest and item data
  • Print event material as needed
  • Train volunteers/staff on check in, auction monitors, bid recorders
  • Train volunteers/staff on bid sheet scanning, check out
  • Provide technical support and troubleshoot throughout the event
  • Stay 1 hour after event check-out
  • Provide final results and full auction analysis

Other Services

Our Event Coordinator assists events we service and is available to client run events as well. We discuss with you the event logistics and schedule to ensure that no detail is overlooked. At the conclusion of the conversation, both AuctionStar staff and the client understand any special needs, respective responsibilities, and actions required prior to the event and event night requirements.  Additional complimentary services include: technical support, training courses, online seminars, and comparative credit card analysis and multi user capability

Data entry, printing, data import, hardware configuration and software training are services that are available for a fee.  Occasionally, clients have used these services if they can’t meet their deadlines.  However, clients that manage their events based on our milestone suggestions easily manage all the above tasks. Self run events can choose to contract for event night technical phone support.

Equipment Rental

You may lease or purchase equipment for your event.  All equipment is pre-configured, pre-tested with AuctionStar Event Software.   Laptops, credit card swipers, barcode readers and printers are available for lease or purchase. 

  • Equipment is shipped out 2-3 weeks prior to your event pre-configured, pre-tested with AuctionStar software
  • Free phone support to answer any questions as you prepare your event hardware
  • Both credit card swipers and barcode readers provide ease of use and efficiency for your event
  • Credit card swipers eliminate errors caused by manual credit card data entry
  • Barcode readers eliminate errors caused by manual bid sheet data entry
  • Hardware specs provided for all event equipment


Auction Boost!

Auction Boost provides highly sought after, hard to find, unique auction items for use at your fundraising event.  These auction items are very popular.  Charities can choose from exclusive travel package such as family vacations, international trips, cruises, adventure travel, golf trips just to name a few.  Reserve items for your event, and then pay only for what is sold at the event.  Guests enjoy these once in a lifetime experiences, so build the excitement for your event.

See Available Items

Payment Processing

AuctionStar provides both at the event and online processing for your special event.  See online fundraising for more details on online processing and online product offerings.

  • Secure, cost-effective payment processing solution designed for event fundraising
  • PCI Compliance option with our processing partner, ChargeItPro.
  • Reduces long check-in and end-of-evening cashier lines, creating a better guest and volunteer experience at the event
  • Eliminates inaccuracies/inefficiencies caused by manual, post-auction credit card data entry
  • Eliminates inaccuracies/inefficiencies caused by manual bid sheet data entry
  • All bid sheets are scanned with our patented barcode methods
  • Patented barcode materials allow for quick, accurate final invoicing and event processing
  • Enhances revenue potential by keeping guests bidding through the entire event

AuctionStar can eliminate long wait lines at event fundraisers by swiping credit cards at check in, streamlining the cashiering process for staff, guests and volunteers.  Event guests can choose to pre-swipe their card at check-in and enjoy competitive bidding with AuctionStar’s unique bar-coded bid labels.  Guests know that invoicing and item pick-up will be fast and easy with AuctionStar’s patented barcode methods.  Staff and volunteers know that event details are automated with AuctionStar’s pre-swipe check-in and scanned bid sheets and professional invoices.

AuctionStar uses credit card swipers that directly integrate with the AuctionStar Event Software; swipers must be connected with a PC/notebook with AuctionStar Event Software installed to be used for check-in and checkout.   AuctionStar’s check in stations project professionalism upon your guests’ arrival. Our credit card swipers and the AuctionStar Event Software are designed exclusively for fundraising events.  All credit card data is secure and encrypted.

Mobile Bidding

CrestWare Inc. dba AuctionStar® is pleased to introduce this state-of-the-art technology.
Mobile bidding can be used for your next event.  Do away with bid sheets and allow your guests the mobility to bid from anywhere in your venue. Automate bidding and provide a huge ‘Wow’ factor to your event.  Simply touch the screen with your finger, scroll through the items to select one and place your bid!

Guest Registration
Guest smartphones can be registered on site at the event. Client can also choose to enter smartphone number via the AuctionStar® software and confirm with guest that it is accurate during registration.  Online guest registration is also available.  Once guest smartphone number is confirmed as correct at registration, AuctionStar® will send a text message to each bidder with an auction link.

Clicking the link is all it takes to open an auction window. Trained volunteers will be available to provide assistance if necessary. AuctionStar® will also provide printed instructions for the various smartphones.

Mobile Bidding
AuctionStar® mobile bidding is similar to that of Ebay.  Bidder can proxy bid their maximum bid amount on an item.  The system will continue to bid for you up to but not exceeding your maximum bid amount.  If you see that you are still outbid, you may increase your maximum bid amount.  This has been convenient for guests and provides the charity the best return on bidding activity. Above all, the method significantly decreases the intensity of the last few minutes’ frenzy, which otherwise is a frequent source of disputes.

Guests can monitor their activity right on their smartphone via informative lists:

  • Top bids:  view what items they are currently the highest bidder
  • Outbid: view items they have been outbid on
  • Purchased: this lists committed donations, fixed price items and buy now items
  • No bids: lists all items that have not bids (client can enable or disable this feature)

Optionally, you may choose to implement competitive bidding as opposed to proxy, or “Max-Bid” bidding. However, this necessitates greater vigilance by the guests, and does nothing to minimize the effects of the last few minutes bid frenzy.

Mobile Bidding System Highlights

  • Guests use their own familiar device
  • Easy to read
  • Effortless finger-touch bidding
  • Color photos and item description
  • Max-bid and buy-it-now features
  • Quick, easy closing-just go to the checkout table for your printed receipt
  • Our system works from a local (at event site) server and network
  • No limitation on guest cellphone signal availability or use of guest cellphone data plan

Venue Requirements
We will conduct a connectivity assessment on the suitability of your venue.  AuctionStar® will cover some connectivity details with the client as they evaluate mobile bidding for their event.  Some general information is discussed below.  Please note that AuctionStar® will need wired internet access at the venue and possibly may need to connect to venue network with their wireless networking equipment to provide mobile bidding connectivity.  We will need to run a speed test at the venue.  AuctionStar® will set up the server and network.  This area will need to have a power outlet. Details on the venue layout for auction bidding will also be covered.  It is helpful for us to understand square footage and floor plan.  Also if there are separate rooms, how large are the rooms?  AuctionStar will need to test for signal strength.
Who is the venue contact?  Name, phone and email address.

Mobile Bidding Service Package
We provide a certified technician to setup and network the computers. The technician is specifically on site to handle all technical issues and support all volunteers. We will train your volunteers to assist your guests in placing their bids and stay until bidding is closed.  Smartphone bidding is available to AuctionStar® clients.  For interested organizations not currently using AuctionStar® software, we will be able to coordinate data conversion of text onto the application. 
To address the needs of guests who have left their smartphone at home, or simply run out of battery, we suggest that some bidding stations using AuctionStar® tablets be made available. 

Prices are determined based on numerous variables, but will ultimately be stated as a flat price. We never charge a percentage of your proceeds