About Us

Dr. Bjorn Mossberg developed the AuctionStar® silent auction software system in response to the needs of his son's school. His process included new methods, now patented, that solved some of the toughest problems facing the event chairperson. In 1996, he founded CrestWare, Inc. to provide AuctionStar® software and services to the nonprofit sector in Houston, Texas.

The positive response expanded so fast that AuctionStar's clients now span the United States and virtually all types of nonprofit organizations. Clients include private and public schools, churches, health care/research organizations, community service organizations and the arts.


The AuctionStar Team

Björn Mossberg - AuctionStar's founder and President. Björn provides software development, on-call operations support, second-line technical support, accounting and internal support systems.

Alex Bernal - Manages online software development along with west coast sales and marketing operations. Provides event supervision and training, first-line technical support, and systems configuration.

Valarie Minetos - Responsible for sales, new prospect generation, contract administration, marketing events and marketing collateral design.

Betsy Humphrey - Event coordination specialist.