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AuctionStar® has been working with clients from national, regional and local organizations since 1996. We work with a wide variety of clients, organizations, nationally, regionally and locally in a variety of spaces from hotels to local museums.

Whether a national non-profit or a small local food bank, every client receives a customized AuctionStar® event profile specifically catering to each organization's needs.

From public to private schools, university or education foundations, sports clubs, churches or athletic clubs; chambers of commerce, museums, symphonies and operas; AuctionStar®, has helped organizations of all shapes and sizes reach and surpass their fundraising goals.

On a Regional and National level our clients include:


The American Cancer Society

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Medical Foundations


Childrens' Hospital Guilds

Hospital Foundations

Public and Private Schools

Performing Arts Organizations


and many, many more!