Silent Auction Software by AuctionStar®

An auction is a systematic event. It may be enjoyable, or it may create a headache for all involved. Everything depends upon how well the details are managed.  AuctionStar's silent auction management software was designed with the both the guest and the event worker's experience in mind.

AuctionStar's silent auction software is a complete auction management system which facilitates every aspect of the auction process. From registering items and cataloguing donor information to managing the auction itself, providing guest invoices and even “thank you letters” to the donors—AuctionStar literally takes care of everything.

The Guest Experience.

AuctionStar's silent auction software simplifies the auction process considerably from the guest's perspective. AuctionStar facilitates a clear check-in process. Each guest receives a “silent auction bid sheet” (barcodes optional) which may be used to bid on items during the auction itself. Each guest may also be provided a clean, professional catalogue of all of the items up for bid, which may also include a clear numbering system explaining where each item may be found. Once in the auction area, guests will review the items and place their stickers upon the bid sheet for each item that interests them. At the end of the auction, the event workers will collect the bid sheets and provide almost immediate printouts of the results. The guests will receive corresponding invoices and certificates of their winnings, allowing for a clear and transparent process for everyone involved.

The Event Worker Experience.

Of course you want your workers to be happy, and nothing could be easier with AuctionStar's silent auction software.  AuctionStar makes it easy to mail solicitation letters before the event, create and print auction catalogues, print display items, labels and other auction materials, and much more!   The majority of the usual headaches associated with running a silent auction event disappear with this specially designed auction software package.

AuctionStar silent auction software product offerings.

Software packages are available for those managing silent or charity auctions with a range of needs and/or budgets.  Those with minimum requirements, such as those who wish to utilize the Economy AuctionStar software as an information/database tool, without the use of its bar-coded checkout feature, may still benefit from the extensive report generation features available. Those who wish to purchase the Full AuctionStar Package with all advanced features should learn about all of the features AuctionStar offers.  

If you are not sure which silent auction software package is right for you, simply click here to request assistance on the silent auction software that is right for your application.