Event Volunteer Experience

Silent Auction Image

How you treat supporters this year will determine your success in years to come. Event workers may be professional development staff, but are often volunteers.

Before the event:

  • Mail solicitation letters;
  • Create and print an auction catalog describing items for bid;
  • Track items that require certificates;
  • Print item display sheets, labels, and other auction materials.
  • Arrange table seating;
  • Track reservations and tickets sold;
  • Send inviations.

After the event, workers can

  • Mail donor thank-you letters using AuctionStar® data;
  • Assess the purchase and bidding activity using AuctionStar® reports, optionally export to spreadsheet format; 
  • Post credit card charges using pre-swiped data;

Treat workers to the following:

  • Less time spent on the "less desirable" tasks such as solicitation, leaving more time for decorations and other fun tasks;
  • No hassle to read a bidder's name, tally the winning items, or collect money;
  • No staying late to transport items after the event in order to distribute later;
  • Less problem with payment disputes (often over items not collected) and "rule breakers";
  • No dealing with unhappy guests waiting (late) for their invoices;
  • More time to enjoy the event themselves!